​Tatton Old Hall is home to our famous haunted collection which consists of some of the most haunted items in the UK. You can attend one of our public investigations at Tatton Old Hall.

Television Appearances

The Haunted Hunts

Unexplained Caught On Camera season 1

(SKY TV Channel Really 2019 & Travel Channel USA 2020)


The Haunted Hunts & Tatton Old Hall featured in season 1 of 'Unexplained Caught On Camera' in 2019.

The Haunted Hunts award winning paranormal show & one of the most established paranormal investigation companies in the UK.

​The Haunted Hunts are one of the UK's leading ghost hunting companies and are best known for television shows 'Search For The Truth' which aired on SKY in 2017 & 'The Haunted Hunts' which is an award winning paranormal show on Amazon Prime. Our team are well known as one of the most trusted ghost hunting companies in Britain, we have now been hosting ghost hunts for the public since 2014 and our public investigations are amongst the most popular in the entire country. The Haunted Hunts is lead by one of the UK's leading paranormal investigators 'Danny Moss' & we hold exclusive rights to Britain's most haunted house 'Tatton Old Hall' which is also home to our famous haunted collection. 


Tatton Old Hall & The Haunted Collection

The Haunted Hunts

(Amazon Prime ongoing)


The Haunted Hunts is an award winning paranormal show which is available on Amazon Prime in the UK. Their are currently 3 seasons available as well as a one off two hour special episode.

Search For The Truth

(SKY TV 2017)


Search For The Truth aired on SKY TV from October 2017 to March 2018 gaining just over 500,000 viewers.

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