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Accrington police station and courts was constructed in the 1930's and is built in the centre of the historic Accrington town. The old courts and cells have long had a reputation of being haunted and the basement in the depths of the building has a truly terrifying feel to it. The current building that sits on this site today is one of our most modern locations however, this part of land dates back to medieval times. Many believe that the building is haunted by the spirits who may have once been attached to this part of land and the previous buildings that would have stood on this spot. It is also believed that there are negative spirits that once had life changing moments happen here during it's time as a court room and holding cells. There have been hundreds of eye witnesses over the years who've experienced very uneasy feelings, poltergeist activity, disembodied voices and even what some may consider to be 'evil' paranormal activity. Is it possible that the negativity that's been witnessed in this building since the 1930's has caused a hive of disturbing paranormal occurrences? Do you dare venture into this dark and creepy building?



Reservations can be made up to 7 days before the event. We reserve the right to cancel the event in unforeseen circumstances and an alternative date will be offered. Once your booking has been confirmed there will be no refund unless the event is postponed, in the case of a national pandemic, no refunds will be offered however, alternative dates within 12 months will be given to those who have booked. We have a strict over 18 policy. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the event with no refund, any abuse to staff or other guests will not be tolerated and any guest found guilty of this will be asked to leave with no refund given. The Haunted Hunts team are based on 100% honesty and any guest thought to be staging anything on one of our nights will also be asked to leave with no refund given. As all of our events are held at night, in the interest of health and safety, guests are requested to bring a torch and to wear suitable footwear and warm clothing. Guests attend the events at their own risk and we and the venues cannot accept responsibility for accidents or damage to personal belongings. Some of our events are in residential areas and we ask you to please respect the residents and keep noise levels to a minimum. We operate a strict no smoking policy and do not allow the use of matches or naked flames due to fire risk, however we do hold intervals during the evenings where smokers will be directed to a safe location on the premises. By purchasing event tickets you are hereby accepting these terms and conditions and agree that the organisers are not legally liable for any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suits, losses or expenses related to or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person(s), or damage to any property involved in the event activities or premises.

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Friday 1st October



The Dewa Roman experience in Chester is a museum specialising in Roman history and is an extremely unique building. It sits on the site of an ancient Roman hospital at the very heart of Chester, one of the UK's most haunted cities. The land Dewa sits on has over 2000 years of history, a Saxon settlement lay on this site, a 10th century hut, a 13th century town house that burnt to the ground during the great fire of Chester, a 16th century house and much more all occupied this patch of land and evidence of these settlements can all be seen inside the location. Archeological digs have uncovered many artefacts from over the centuries which are all on display inside the museum. In the depths of the building you can see 16th century steps that lead down to the cellar, animal bones and even cannon balls that date back the the English Civil War. With so many layers of history to this location it's no wonder locals consider this building to be the most haunted in Chester and Dewa featured heavily during season 2 of our Amazon Prime TV show 'The Haunted Hunts'. Evidence of spirit children has been witnessed in the location, a man who's voice has been heard on occasions and strange misty apparitions have been seen sweeping through parts of the location. It is also possible that the many historic artefacts that are on display inside Dewa have attachments to them and with over 2000 years of continuous occupation, this location is possibly home to many spirits from different time periods, it truly is a haunted location and now it has opened it's doors to The Haunted Hunts.



You will be taken to the base room of the location and asked to sign a disclaimer which includes our terms & conditions and will also be sent via email the week of the investigation. A tour around the location will then be given at 9pm before you are briefed and split into small teams. Our investigations run from 9pm until 2am with a break included. You will be given the chance to take part in experiments and sessions all aimed at gaining the best evidence possible but please remember we cannot guarantee paranormal activity. Our public investigations are designed to give you the best possible chance of witnessing true paranormal activity in a safe but sometimes frightening environment. At no point during these events is anything staged or set up for entertainment, true paranormal activity is rare and you attend these events with the understanding that nothing may happen. 

Ye Olde Kings Head

Friday 8th october

Accrington Courts

Walton Hall was built in 1836 for Sir Gilbert Greenall, a member of Parliament. Upon his death in 1894, the hall was inherited by his son who was also named Gilbert and he was the 1st Baron of Daresbury. Walton Hall now stands as an attraction within Walton gardens and is well known as one of the most haunted locations in the North West of England. Many staff members are fearful of going into certain areas of the house and there have been a number of ghostly apparitions seen over the years including children, a lady who is believed to be one of the previous owners and a male entity. Walton Hall is a real hotspot for paranormal activity with so many sightings by both guests and staff. The Haunted Hunts will be providing paranormal investigations at this historic location based around ITC (instrumental trans communication) sessions. The use of spirit boxes and other ITC devices will be the main focus of our investigations at Walton Hall and therefore we recommend that you only book our investigations here if you have an interest in ITC communication. Our investigations at Walton Hall will be completely unique to our other public investigations and are the ideal paranormal experience for the more technical investigators amongst you.


9PM - 2AM

Walton Hall




12B Bridge Street




Ye Olde Kings Head is one of the most historic and haunted inn's in the UK. Built on Chester's Roman foundations in 1622, Ye Olde Kings Head is steeped in mystery and ghostly tales. Up to 13 resident spirits are believed to haunt Ye Olde Kings Head and during a refurbishment of the building in the 1930's a sword and a pair of slippers were found under the floor of what is now room 4. The evidence captured at this famous old inn includes the full bodied apparition of a Roman soldier, a monk and even a prostitute. The back end of the function room at Ye Olde Kings Head used to be a brothel during the 1700's and this area is extremely active. Ye Olde Kings Head featured in season 2 of 'The Haunted Hunts' TV show in 2020 and we are delighted to host special events here.


Friday 10th September

9pm - 3am

Broadway Street



48 Lower Bridge Street


​CH1 1RS


Below is a list of our upcoming public investigations, please select which investigation you would like to attend by clicking 'Add To Cart' next to the investigation you wish to book, this will take you to Paypal to complete your order. Please note the price of places are per person. Guests will receive a confirmation email along with our contact number once payment has been received this indicates your places are secured. A further email will be sent out the week of the event with all the information needed for the night.

Pen Y Lan Hall

Walton Lea Road

Higher Walton


​WA4 6SN


Built in 1690, this Gothic style country house is situated at the head of a bucolic valley, in the centre of its 500-acre estate, which straddles the English/Welsh border. It is by far our most mysterious location with very little history on the location due to records being 'burnt' in a fire. Pen Y Lan Hall sits on the land previously occupied by a farm house which may have dated back to the 1400's, it is a must visit for anyone interested in the paranormal world. The dining room is an area for some of our best ever evidence and constant results occur here, footsteps and voices can be heard from the empty rooms and hallways and shadows can be seen lurking in the dark. Both the hall and the grounds are very active, full body apparitions have been seen on many occasions and people have been touched by an unseen presence. The hall itself has a very impressive cellar which may have once held prisoners, screams and the sound of a crying baby can be heard from the many dark tunnels in this section of the hall. Many ghosts of children have been seen and even caught on camera around this location and a very negative spirit lurks in the old stable barns of the Pen Y Lan estate. Our investigations at Pen Y Lan Hall are sure to test your nerves to the limit. Are you brave enough?