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Tatton Old Hall is The Haunted Hunts exclusive location and is one of the most popular haunted houses in Britain. Tatton Old Hall itself is believed to be the most haunted house in the country and it now holds our haunted collection including the famous 'Grace Doll'. Some of the most haunted items in England are now secured inside this historic building and are on display only during our lockdowns there. Tatton Old Hall is now available for lockdowns via our booking system ONLY. Prepare yourselves for a hive of paranormal activity as this incredible house has opened it's doors for one of the most intense lockdowns you will ever experience. As seen on episode 2 of our TV show 'Search For The Truth' you can now join our team for an experience you will never forget. We must state that the hall and grounds remain open for other purposes during certain dates throughout the year, our haunted collection remains locked away during these events.

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Below are all the dates we have available for Tatton Old Hall. The hall is NOT available for other paranormal teams to hire via Tatton Park. It is however, available for private group bookings for a fee of £950 for up to 25 people for lockdowns only as the hall sometimes has other events on during the day. Please contact - to arrange a private booking, 9pm - 2am on Friday or Saturday evenings. Under no circumstances is any of our haunted collection available to touch, these items are deemed to be dangerous due to the severe hauntings attached to them, they have all been investigated with the most scientific equipment in the field and by experts who have witnessed the paranormal activity that surrounds them. Our haunted collection will be displayed during lockdowns in order to provide the public with the best chance of witnessing true paranormal activity. To book a lockdown at Tatton Old Hall please click 'Add To Cart' next to the date you want, that will take you to PayPal to complete your booking, once we receive it we will email you confirmation and your places will be secured. Like all of our investigations you will then receive another email the week of the event with all the final details you need. Please ensure you read our 'Terms & Conditions' on the 'EVENTS' page. All lockdowns are 9pm - 2am and cost £48 per person, this includes a tour of the location, free refreshments and your lockdown.

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