All Tatton Old Hall ghost hunts run from 9pm until 2am and cost £50 per person. Once we receive your booking, you will receive confirmation to your email. The week of the event, you will receive another email with all the final details you need.

Friday 29th October



Saturday 2nd October

Saturday 14th August

Friday 12th November


Reservations can be made up to 7 days before the event. We reserve the right to cancel the event in unforeseen circumstances and an alternative date will be offered. Once your booking has been confirmed there will be no refund unless the event is postponed, in the case of a national pandemic, no refunds will be offered however, alternative dates within 12 months will be given to those who have booked. We have a strict over 18 policy. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the event with no refund, any abuse to staff or other guests will not be tolerated and any guest found guilty of this will be asked to leave with no refund given. The Haunted Hunts team are based on 100% honesty and any guest thought to be staging anything on one of our nights will also be asked to leave with no refund given. As all of our events are held at night, in the interest of health and safety, guests are requested to bring a torch and to wear suitable footwear and warm clothing. Guests attend the events at their own risk and we and the venues cannot accept responsibility for accidents or damage to personal belongings. Some of our events are in residential areas and we ask you to please respect the residents and keep noise levels to a minimum. We operate a strict no smoking policy and do not allow the use of matches or naked flames due to fire risk, however we do hold intervals during the evenings where smokers will be directed to a safe location on the premises. By purchasing event tickets you are hereby accepting these terms and conditions and agree that the organisers are not legally liable for any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suits, losses or expenses related to or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person(s), or damage to any property involved in the event activities or premises.

Friday 6th August

Tatton Old Hall is The Haunted Hunts exclusive location and is one of the most popular haunted houses in Britain. Tatton Old Hall itself is believed to be the most haunted house in the country and it now holds our haunted collection including the famous 'Grace Doll'. Some of the most haunted items in England are now secured inside this historic building and are on display only during our lockdowns there. Tatton Old Hall is now available for lockdowns via our booking system ONLY. Prepare yourselves for a hive of paranormal activity as this incredible house has opened it's doors for one of the most intense ghost hunts you will ever experience. As seen on episode 2 of our TV show 'Search For The Truth' & 'Unexplained Caught On Camera' on SKY TV, you can now join our team for an experience you will never forget. We must state that the hall and grounds remain open for other purposes during certain dates throughout the year, our haunted collection remains locked away during these events.

Friday 17th September





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