The Haunted Hunts season 2 'Civitas Spirituum' brought an entirely new format to paranormal television. A week long investigation in one of the UK's most haunted cities which involved an 18 hour a day production on site for 7 days. Season 2 launched The Haunted Hunts onto a whole new level of paranormal television show. The series released on Amazon Prime in March 2020 and gained huge viewing figures as the The Haunted Hunts team set out to find evidence that Chester is truly the city of spirits.

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The Haunted Hunts season 3 'Pendle Hill' - Amazon Prime

The Haunted Hunts 'Codnor Farmhouse' 2 hour special released in July 2020 and trended on Amazon Prime. The Haunted Hunts team ventured to the historic Codnor castle in Derbyshire to investigate the infamous Codnor Farmhouse. This 2 hour special is a stand alone title which accompanied seasons 1 & 2 on Prime.

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From 2021 Fourth Dimension Productions will be offering services for other UK based paranormal projects. Production services will be on offer for YouTube shows, Amazon Prime projects, pilot episodes for Sky and much more.

The Haunted Hunts season 2 'Civitas Spirituum' - Amazon Prime

The Haunted Hunts season 1 'Behind The Shadows' - Amazon Prime

The Haunted Hunts season 3 'Pendle Hill' is currently the most popular of the show so far. Season 3 was a huge success for Fourth Dimension Productions which saw The Haunted Hunts team follow on from season 2 with the same format as they spent 1 week in Lancashire at the famous Pendle Hill. The production for season 3 was extremely complex and it's success drove The Haunted Hunts to reach over 1 million in the viewing figures. 

Season 4 of The Haunted Hunts released in 

October 2021. This series explored a completely new format as the team took on

an experiment designed to test if human fear

can trigger paranormal activity. This 4th 

instalment of the show was extremely popular

with the fans and although it didn't provide 

​the exciting evidence that was seen in season 3, it did explore a side to the paranormal that 

hasn't been seen on TV before.

The Haunted Hunts season 1 'Behind The Shadows' was the first instalment of the hit TV show and the first television project produced by Fourth Dimension Productions. This 6 episode series saw The Haunted Hunts team visit some of the darkest and most terrifying locations in the UK in an attempt to find proof of their disturbing hauntings.

The series released in spring 2019 on Amazon Prime and US platform 'Vidi Space'. The series won the silver award in the 'best online paranormal show' category in the Higgypop paranormal entertainment awards in December 2019.

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The Haunted Hunts 2 hour special episode at 'Codnor Farmhouse - Amazon Prime

The Haunted Hunts in-house production company was formed at the end of 2018 and has since produced 4 seasons of 'The Haunted Hunts' TV show on Amazon Prime as well as a 2 hour special episode. Fourth Dimension Productions was formed to solely produce paranormal television shows as well as content for YouTube. Our in-house team know exactly what it takes to produce a paranormal show and having worked closely with Amazon Prime as well as other established production companies since 2018, Fourth Dimension is responsible for creating one of the UK's most popular paranormal TV shows of recent times.

The Haunted Hunts season 4 'Project Invocation' - Amazon Prime