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All guests will receive an email outlineing our 

health and safety measures for the current 

COVID-19 pandemic. We have strict rules in

place for all public investigations and guests

must abide by these rules in order to attend

as per the government guidelines.

The Haunted Hunts public investigations are amongst the most popular ghost hunting experiences in the UK. Come and join us at one of our famous locations.


Tatton Old Hall public investigations AVAILABLE.

"The best paranormal investigators I've seen, no over dramatising, no lies, just facts and heaps of evidence.. so professional and the team themselves are awesome! Never watched a show where I experienced fright, belly laughing and holding on to my breath moments all in one episode..! Love this show!"


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Season 4 of 'The Haunted Hunts' is now in production.

'Project Invocation' Due for release in Autumn

Public Investigations

The Haunted Hunts - award winning paranormal television show, established paranormal events company and exclusive rights to Britain's most haunted house 'Tatton Old Hall'.

"Had such a brilliant evening, this was my first with The Haunted Hunts but not my first investigation and I musts I definitely prefer your style of investigation. I have been converted and look forward to more investigations with the team."



attended a public investigation

Tatton Old Hall is The Haunted Hunts exclusive location and is home to our famous haunted collection. Come and join us at this award winning location for a ghost hunt like no other.

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Tatton Old Hall

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2021 Public Investigation Dates AVAILABLE

Please head to the 'Pubic Investigations' page to book one of our paranormal nights.

"Best paranormal show on TV, The Haunted Hunts

are an incredible team who keep it real."

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"Last night's event was absolutely amazing.

Have today in all the 12 years of investigating

and all the different locations I've been to,

there was extremely impressive activity going

on last night. Things that I've never witnessed

before. Would definitely go back."


attended a public investigation


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