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As seen on television in 2017 'Search For The Truth'. Exclusive rights to Britain's haunted attraction 'Tatton Old Hall' & one of the UK's leading paranormal teams

​​*BRAND NEW* Exclusive location and Britain's NEW haunted attraction 'Tatton Old Hall' DATES AVAILABLE


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The Haunted Hunts

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The Haunted Hunts are a well established British ghost hunting company and a British television show 'Search For The Truth'. Our team are well known as one of the most honest ghost hunting companies in Britain. We host ghost hunts in some of the most haunted locations across England and Wales and we pride ourselves on our honesty, reliability and our guests' enjoyment. None of our investigations are fixed or staged in any way, whatever happens is for real. We cannot guarantee paranormal activity in every investigation but we will endeavour to seek out any spiritual presence and we aim to provide our guests with 100% proof of the hauntings in each of our locations. Our haunted hunts are a unique and fascinating experience allowing our guests to become the investigators for the evening and give them the very best opportunity to explore our unique locations in a safe but frightening environment. Search For The Truth series 1 aired for 6 weeks from October 24th 2017 - SKY channel 117, Freeview 7 (8 in Wales) & Virgin 159 gaining just over 206,000 viewers.

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